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Self Confessed Grief Geeks Sarah Furuya and Gretchen Miura from Lighthouse Grief Circle
Episode 13029th August 2022 • Transformations with Jayne • Jayne Nakata
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As Obon finishes for another year, we turn our thoughts to a new start in September - the other January. Gretchen Miura and Sarah Furuya are two wonderful women in our foreign women in Japan community who have created a community for people who are experiencing grief and want help with processing it. If you have lost someone and not taken the time to grieve you may find yourself carrying that grief with you and it popping out in unexpected ways. Sarah and Gretchen have created a caring and supportive community where you can do this from anywhere in Japan or the world. I’d love you to hear their enthusiasm for helping others and their deep knowledge in the science as well as the spiritual. It’s some major magic mojo. 

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Who are Gretchen and Sarah and how they came to be leading a grief support circle
  • The phases of the program and what participants can expect when they join
  • How Gretchen and Sarah lead the group and the ways they take care of themselves and each other when doing grief work
  • When not to join a grief group and why foreign women really need support while going through grief in Japan.

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