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Michelle Hammons, Life & Success Coach, On How To Break Free From Believing Lies About Yourself & Reach Your Highest Potential
Episode 42629th August 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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Today I am joined by Michelle Hammons — a mom of 3, Success Coach, TV Host, Author, Youtuber, Momprenuer, podcaster and Motivational Speaker — eager to ignite hearts to face fears and make their personal and professional dreams come true. In this episode, Michelle and I discuss her resources that will equip you to strategically make your goals and dreams a reality. Michelle will help you break free from complacency, lies, shame and guilt, all while overcoming strongholds that have held you back.


  • No matter how hard life is or how challenging, you can always be prepared for success by praying and pushing towards what God has given you
  • It’s okay to be angry, but anger is a great distraction and deflector from the truth.
  • Self-educating for success with the time and resources available to you for free
  • There is no better time than right now to go for your vision



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(0:16) Welcome to Mommy Millionaire, today’s guest is Michelle Hammons.

(1:12) Michelle joins the conversation.

(1:26) Cayla asks Michelle, “Take us back to your childhood, where do you come from?”

(4:51) Cayla asks Michelle, “Was there any struggle when you first felt the Holy Spirit? Was there part of you that was angry at God?”  

(10:22 ) Cayla asks Michelle, “What did the action look like to get into real estate?”

(20:14) Cayla asks Michelle, “I hear about your luxury rentals being a different type of clientele. Is it an Airbnb or are they long-term luxury rentals?”

(23:47) Cayla asks Michelle, “How did you get educated and all this stuff? Did you hire a mentor? Did you take courses or go to seminars?”

(26:39) Cayla asks Michelle, “What would you say to someone listening that's amazing and brilliant but she's thinking she doesn't know enough yet?”

(28:16) Cayla asks Michelle, “What's a Kingdom Principle for wealth building that everybody needs to follow?”

(29:18) Cayla asks Michelle, “What are some of the habits you have as a family that keep you on track to focus on what God has for you?”

(34:20) Cayla asks Michelle, “What's one thing that you do with your husband to make sure you are staying on the same page?”

(39:33) Cayla asks Michelle, “Where can everybody find you?”

(41:34) Cayla asks listeners to rate and review the podcast, and share it with friends.