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Episode 22: From Modest to Mighty: How Lorraine Ball Transformed a 250-Subscriber Email List into 10,000 Strong
Episode 226th February 2024 • Acquire- Lead Generation, Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs • Jennie Wright
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Ready to take your email marketing game to the next level?

In this episode of the Acquire podcast, I’m joined by marketing maven Lorraine Ball.

Together, we unravel the success story of Randall Beans, a 75-year-old bean manufacturer, and explore how they transformed a 250-subscriber email list into a mighty force of 10,000. Targeting a younger audience, Lorraine strategically revamped their marketing approach, offering engaging content and recipe collections in exchange for email addresses. Through active audience engagement, strategic partnerships with recipe developers, and attention to feedback, Randall Beans achieved a staggering 30% email open rate.

Join us in uncovering the journey and digital marketing tactics behind this remarkable success story.



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