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The Law of the Seed
Episode 41415th July 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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The Law of the Seed is something to think about every single day. It is simply that when you plant and sow a seed in fertile soil, you will reap a harvest. But in this survival lesson of the day, Cayla shows us that you can’t sow one seed and expect to reap another, which is what we tend to do. In everything we do, we honor God and you will be surprised and blessed by the cascade of events that come from living an intentional life full of giving and tithing. So listen as Cayla explains the Law of the Seed, provides inspirational verses that prove this phenomenon, and know that you can have the confidence in the seeds you sow.

You will learn:

  • [2:03] - How do you achieve success while also honoring God?
  • [3:24] - Take action with all the faith you have.
  • [4:21] - You can’t sow one thing and expect to reap another.
  • [5:33] - The devil comes to lie to you every day. 
  • [7:01] - Sowers are always looking for the right soil to plant seeds.
  • [8:06] - Where are you tithing?
  • [10:19] - There are many things you want to do, but test the soil first.
  • [11:38] - There is a cascade of events that will happen when you live an intentional lifestyle.
  • [12:59] - When you have confidence in the seeds you sow, they are multiplied.
  • [15:16] - Who are the people who need to hear your message?
  • [16:21] - The harvest belongs to you. Sowing connects you to God.
  • [17:12] - Cayla shares a recent experience of listening after opening herself up to receive a message.

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