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New Biometrics Rules: A Trap For Unwary Immigrants
Episode 11513th August 2021 • The Immigration Mastermind • Carlos Batara
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I often cringe when I hear that immigrants are going to handle their cases on their own, without a lawyer.

I’ve seen far too many instances where pro per applicants – that is, immigrants acting as their own attorneys – made simple mistakes that could have and should have been avoided.

In some instances, when careless mistakes are made, a do-over is possible.  Other times, the problem is more serious.  It destroys their cases altogether.

A recent USCIS announcement, seemingly innocent, rekindled my worries for such “independent” applicants of immigration benefits.

The announcement pertained to biometrics appointments – appointments where an immigrant’s fingerprints and photographs are taken when they apply for green cards, citizenship, and other benefits.

On the surface, the announcement is not earth-shattering. However, the changes pose a real danger for unsuspecting immigrants.  

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