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Poker and the Game of Life with Bill Umansky
Episode 5013th March 2024 • Performance Mindset • Amy Calandrino
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On today’s Performance Mindset podcast, Amy interviews her friend Bill Umansky. Bill has been running a criminal and personal injury practice in Orlando since 1997. His team consists of 25-30 employees, including virtual assistants who are full-time and criminal trial lawyers. Bill no longer practices law and has taken on the role of leadership at the firm, motivating, leading, and rainmaking cases.

Amy and Bill have a lively conversation, covering everything from Bill’s passion for food and cooking to approaching everything with moderation. Bill shares his first impression of Amy when they met years ago, staying fit as he gets older, and he explains why growth and scalability as an entrepreneur don’t always mean going bigger. Amy and Bill wrap up their conversation with a discussion on work-life balance, accountability, and why playing poker is a lot like life.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Bill Umansky’s background as an attorney in the Orlando area, his role today in leadership in the firm, and what he does outside of work there.
  2. What impressed Bill about Amy when they first met.
  3. His passion for cooking and working out and how moderation helps him maintain balance.
  4. Staying fit, listening to your body, and embracing your body’s makeup.
  5. Using coaches to keep you accountable and assist you in making progress.
  6. Growth and scalability and why it doesn’t always mean bigger.
  7. Making time for work-life balance and prioritizing what’s most important to you.
  8. Taking accountability for the things that happen in your life and learning lessons from them.
  9. Playing poker and how it relates to the opportunities you have in life.

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