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Law, The Universe, And Everything - The Soldati Group EPISODE 39, 15th July 2021
Sexual Healing, Boner Shame, And How To Rethink Relationships And Society With River Roaring

Sexual Healing, Boner Shame, And How To Rethink Relationships And Society With River Roaring

Pacifico talks with former attorney turned sexual healer River Roaring about a wide variety of topics related to sex, relationships, and how we operate as a society.


Law, The Universe, And Everything is a show featuring leaders from the fields of law, business, sports, medicine, spirituality, music, marketing, entrepreneurship, cannabis, blockchain, and beyond. We talk about anything and everything as long as it's interesting. No topic is off limits so it's a bit like Joe Rogan meets Tim Ferriss but the host has better hair. Law, The Universe, And Everything is a production of The Soldati Group. All opinions expressed by the host and podcast guests are solely their own opinions and do not reflect the opinions of The Soldati Group. This podcast is for information and entertainment purposes only. These discussions do not constitute legal or investment advice.


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Show Notes:

00:00 Show Intro

01:03 Https://MarketingForAttorneys.com

01:19 Guest Intro – River Roaring

02:18 Interview begins

02:30 Getting a law degree

03:56 River’s journey to sexual healing

09:13 Sexual healing and reimagining relatiionships

18:21 Boner shame

27:57 Locis of control and personal power

32:11 Love and fear based living

36:12 Sexual charge

40:15 Writing new rules for parenting and society

42:27 The kindest thing anyone has done for River

43:37 Show Outro