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REVOXYLIFE - Episode 4
Episode 429th December 2020 • REVOXYLIFE: Revelations From the Oxymorons of Life • Sophia Edwards-Bennett
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Dr. EB dedicates this episode in honor of her patient, Sara Feuerstein, who is now with her comrade angels.

Listen closely, and hear from her family as they describe with visceral passion, palpable love and vivid admiration;  Sara, a very special daughter, wife, twin, sister, mother, grandmother, friend, counselor, mentor, leader, a faithful believer, and a champion of love;  blessed and gifted with the most unique talents- shared unselfishly with a humble spirit, a tender soul, and a kind heart, soft yet studded with gold.

There are really no perfect words to fully and accurately describe Sara Feuerstein.

However, we hope that this podcast, this memorable tribute, will provide you with a glimpse of the life and heart of Sara, whom we were indeed blessed to have for 59 years, as a loan from Heaven, to cross our paths on this planet - earth. 


Welcome Introduction Dr. Sophia Edwards-Bennett

01:10 Mentions Guests - Sara's Family

02:06 - Memorial Slideshow honoring Sara Feuerstein

02:14 - Reflection per watching on Sara's slideshow

03:30 - Family Introductions with one word descriptions of Sara

03:43- Introducing Steven Feuerstein (Sara's Husband)

04:15 - Introducing Melissa (Sara's stepdaughter/Steven's Daughter)

05:16 - Introducing Rachel (Sara's Twin Sister)

06:30 - Introducing Jessica (Sara's Stepdaughter/Steven's Daughter)

06:54 - Introducing Tim (Sara's brother)

08:17 - Introducing Sara's Dad

08:46 - *Correction -Dr. Edwards-Bennett mentions "Steven" - meant Sara's Dad

09:05 - New Segment Stories of Sara as a child

09:12 - Dad reflects on "Grandma's little sweetheart" story

09:54 - *Correction - Dr. Edwards-Bennett mentions "coffee" but meant "cookie"

10:40 - 11:04 Dr. Edwards-Bennett poses question to Melissa re: the reflection of the transition of first meeting her then intended stepmother

11:06 - Melissa (Sara's Stepdaughter/ Steven's Daughter) is responding to Dr. EB's reflection inquiry

12:55- Jessica (Sara's Stepdaughter/ Steven's Daughter) is responding to Dr. EB's reflection inquiry

13:46- Dr. EB asks Tim (Sara's Brother) for a memory of Sara

14:41: Sara's Dad reflects on a memory of Sara during a family vacation

15:05: Dr. Edwards-Bennett Summarizes the beautiful gifts within Sara's armamentarium

15:54- Tim (Sara's Brother) reflects on Sara's early life having moved a lot during their youth & facing adversity by peers & her empathy & sympathy to understanding underestimated individuals

17:04 - Dr. EB Dr. EB discusses how turning isolation into proactive compassion to others

17:43 - Tim (Sara's Brother) gives a story to support Sara's kindness

19:44 - Kill them with kindness for want of a better expression.

19:57- Tim (Sara's Brother) continues discussing Sara's positivity

20:09- Dr. EB asks Tim to clarify the maltreatment Sara was subjected to

20:14- Tim (Sara's brother) responds to Dr. EB's inquiry

20:55- Dr. EB discusses Sara's exemplary behavior

21:14 - Dr. EB engages Rachel (Sara's Twin Sister)

21:37- Rachel reminisces about Sara

22:32- Dr. EB asks a follow-up question to Rachel

22:47- Rachel (Sara's Twin Sister) responds

23:16- Dr. EB addresses Steven (Sara's Husband) about how he (they) felt the first time they learned of Sara's diagnosis

24:19- Melissa (Sara's Stepdaughter/ Steven's Daughter) responds first as she had to leave early

26:08 - Dr. EB reflects on Sara's transition to comfort the family. Then asks the family how they cope, what helps them cope. What's been helpful coping techniques during this time of grieving.

28:17- Melissa (Sara's Stepdaughter/ Steven's Daughter) responds to the inquiry

30:06- Dr. EB comforts Melissa

30:49 - Dr. EB addresses Steven (Sara's Husband) & asks what made him gravitate towards Sara

31:36: Steven (Sara's Husband) shares how he met & fell in love with Sara

32:49- Steven (Sara's Husband) thanks Donnelly (Sara's Dad)

33:03 - Donnelly (Sara's Dad) responds to Steven (Sara's Husband)

33:16- Steven (Sara's Husband) addresses Dr. EB

33:35- Dr. EB responds on the impactful presence of his statement regarding his wife

33:41- Steven (Sara's Husband) reveals that Sara protected her Father, Sister & Brothers from the severity of her illness until 6 weeks before she transitioned

34:53  - Dr. EB discusses Sara being in correspondence with the higher being

35:46- Steven discusses the physical changes before a loved one departs

36:49- Dr. EB discusses Sara's spirit being present

37:52- Steven (Sara's Husband) discusses their new family mantra

38:35- Dr. EB & Steven discuss how Sara helped lead Stephen to The Lord as well as him being a caregiver & care partner to his beloved wife

40:06- Dr. EB addresses Jessica (Sara's Stepdaughter/ Steven's Daughter) about the diagnosis & the current blessings that she attributes to Sara

41:55 - Dr. EB addresses Jessica's coping mechanism & affirms the belief that Sara is indeed communicating through different methods to speak to all of her loved ones differently.

42:29: New Segment Dr. EB addresses Sara's Creativity with recalling a memory of when Sara gifted her with her specialized beautifully designed & crafted edible designer heels

43:34 & 44:09- Correction: Dr. Edwards-Bennett mentions "Louis Vuitton," however, she meant "Christian Loubouton."

44:29- Dr. EB asks Rachel (Sara's Twin) to share a memory of Sara & asks how she's coping

45:21 - Rachel (Sara's Twin) discusses that it still not feeling real

47:35- Dr. EB addresses how hard it's been currently for people unable to visit loved ones during the Covid-19 era. Then she asks Rachel how she has been coping

48:52- Rachel responds to the inquiry

49:21- Dr. EB discusses coping mechanism of keeping busy/ distractions. And touches upon the variations of coping based on the individual.

51:06- Dr. EB delivers a special message to Rachel (Sara's Twin)

52:13 - Steven (Sara's Husband) wanted to share a photo of Sara

53:29- Dr. EB engages Sara's Dad to ask how he is coping. As a parent living while their child leaves the earth before them.

54:49- Sara's Dad responds to Dr. EB's inquiry.

55:39- Dr. EB discusses how Dad finds solace in his belief in God & his faith.

58:18- Dr. EB asks Tim to discuss his reaction to finding out about Sara's illness, as well as, his particular coping algorithm.

59:07- Tim (Sara's Brother) responds to Dr. EB's inquiry.

01:02:00- Dr. EB affirms their connection will forever remain intact because of their familial love & connectivity.

01:02:19 - Dr. EB shifts to ask if there are any regrets, starting with Steven (Sara's Husband).

01:02:46 - Steven (Sara's Husband) responds to Dr. EB.

01:03:57 - Dr. EB & Steven(Sara's Husband) discuss the impact of Sara's giving.

01:04:31 - Dr. EB addresses Jessica and asks if she feels any regret.

01:04: 35 - Jessica (Sara's Stepdaughter/Steven's Daughter) responds to Dr. EB

01:05:38- Dr. EB absolves Jessica of feeling any guilt due to her age. Dr. EB addresses the entire family to make certain they leave knowing that there is absolutely no place to carry regret. Instead honor Sara by releasing those emotions.

01:08:03 - Steven (Sara's husband) retells a tale of Sara, Rachel & the elephant.

01:08:47 - Dr. EB reflects on how full Sara's life was based on her loving family.

01:09:18 - Closing. Dr. EB asks the family to recall any funny, quirky, silly, or weird memories of Sara.

01:10:06- Steven (Sara's Husband) discusses Sara's Jeopardy winning ability

01:11:06- Dr. EB discusses Sara's deep well of creativity, love & how selective Sara was with sharing her beautiful artistry.

01:12:54- Steven (Sara's Husband) expresses their (He & Sara's) appreciation for how Dr. EB was the first person to take the time to listen to, answer & explain everything to Sara.

01:13:24- Dr. EB expresses her thanks to Steven & discusses her purpose of helping patients on their cancer journeys.

01:13:56- Steven (Sara's Husband) shows Dr. EB memorabilia

01:14:28- Last Thoughts about Sara

01:16:24 - Steven discusses the positive impact of his wife's influence & how he continues to honor her everyday & he does it for Sara, but mainly for himself.

01:17:45: Dr. EB addresses how special one must be to be granted with a perfect partner like Sara.

01:18:02: Dr. EB asks Tim (Sara's Brother) his last minute thoughts. Tim provides a beautiful insight/revelation about how one is rewarded for doing the right thing with. Pure heart.

01:19:53- Dr. EB notes the best gift is giving.

01:20:13- Dr. EB asks Sara's Dad to have the last word on his daughter Sara.

01:20:48- Dr. EB assures the Dad that Sara appreciated everything he did. To heal, regret must be shed/released.

01:23:08 - Dr. EB addresses Jessica (Sara's Stepdaughter/Steven's Daughter)

01:23:17- Jessica shares her final thoughts honoring her Angel Sara.

01:23:44- Dr. EB thanks the family for doing this interview to honor Sara.

01:26:30- Thanks & Closing from Dr. EB

01:27:28- Steven shares his closing thoughts & thanks Dr. EB.

01:27:48: Dr. EB thanks Steven & shares how glad she is that her path crossed with Sara's path.


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