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Chantal Cornelius | Why USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) Don't Work
Episode 4710th June 2024 • Women Choosing Growth • Tina Sue
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Episode 47 – Why USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) Don’t Work! 


In the engaging episode "Why USPs Don’t Work" of the Women Choosing Growth podcast, Tina Moser and Chantal Cornelius explore the impact of emotional marketing and how tapping into clients' emotions can transform your business. Chantal highlights the importance of understanding the specific feelings clients associate with your service. She shares a key moment when she discovered her clients valued "certainty" over "growth," leading to a game-changing shift in her marketing that boosted satisfaction and success.

Chantal guides Tina through an exercise to pinpoint her main emotional appeal, revealing that "certainty" is Tina's strongest asset. They discuss how using words linked to certainty in all marketing materials can attract clients seeking stability and assurance. This focused strategy ensures potential clients deeply connect with the message, fostering more meaningful and successful relationships.

The episode also showcases the flexibility of this approach across different platforms like websites, LinkedIn, and networking events. Chantal offers tips on crafting compelling one-liners and content that directly address client emotions. She encourages listeners to be bold and try these techniques, highlighting the transformative power of emotional marketing in making a business stand out.

What You Will Learn from the Show:

  • The importance of understanding client emotions in marketing.
  • How to find the best marketing strategy for your business.
  • Detailed insights into five key strategies: certainty, growth, significance, connection, and contribution.
  • Practical tips for using your chosen strategy in your marketing materials.
  • The power of specific language to evoke desired emotional responses from clients.
  • How to personalize marketing based on client needs and preferences.


  • "We're after the feelings. How do you feel? What emotions do you experience when you think about me?" - Chantal Cornelius
  • "Research shows we make 95% of our buying decisions subconsciously, driven by emotion and then justified rationally." - Chantal Cornelius
  • "Be brave, try it out, take the test, and I’ll send you your results... The difference it makes is phenomenal." - Chantal Cornelius
  • "That is spot on. The emotion is having someone on their side, growing their business together." – Tina Moser
  • "When my clients work with me, they feel clarity. I give them confidence, focus, safety, and peace of mind." - Chantal Cornelius


Online survey mentioned in the episode:

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