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#71 Buying too many Domain Names, Why no one is Reading your Content, Content Ideas
Episode 7113th June 2023 • Jonny Ross Fractional CMO • Jonny Ross
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This is the ’90-Day Website Mastery Podcast’, a fun and action packed series about feeling proud of your website again!

Hosted by Jonny Ross and Pascal Fintoni who will share decades of experience in website design and management to transform your website into an online destination your customers will talk about.

Tune in for actionable tips, practical advice and inspiring website stories!


  1. You ask, we answer

One question submitted by the community or researched online (i.e. google instant, Answer The Public) and answered by Pascal and Jonny:

Should I buy all domain extensions for my website?

Jonny and Pascal will look into this long-enduring question about website addresses and domain extensions, and why there are still so many myths out there.

  1. Website Stories

One article, or podcast, video, infographic, etc. reviewed by Jonny and Pascal who share their reactions and lessons:

4 reasons no one is reading your content by Allison Carter for PRDaily

Your headline/subject line is boring.

You published at the wrong time.

Your story is the wrong format.

Your story isn’t relevant.

Your headline/subject line is boring.

Maybe your headline already gives everything away so there’s no need for your audience to learn more.

Maybe it’s simply dull and doesn’t give readers a reason to care — even if the story is fantastic.

Solution: Re-read your story. Think about what’s most interesting in it.

You published at the wrong time.

Studies are looking at are large, general and don’t take into account your audience.

Solution: look at your existing analytics data. When do you see the biggest bumps of traffic? Identify those waves and ride them

Your story is the wrong format.

In a perfect world, you’d be able to be all things to all people and have multiple pieces of content for each target audience.

But time is against us, tough one. try to make sure you’re presenting content in the very best format for your audience.

If your piece is too long for your busy staff, make it shorter. If no one’s watching video, switch to written.

Your story isn’t relevant.

It happens to the best of us. Dust yourself off and try again.

learn what you can from it.

Why wasn’t it interesting to your target audiences?

Why was it important to your bosses that you create that piece?

Can you communicate to them the audience disconnect?

With the right attitude, you can turn a flop of a piece into a rich learning opportunity.

  1. The Website Engine Room

Two apps, software solutions or kit (one each) that can make life easier as a website manager and website content creator:

Pascal Fintoni: Scribe: Turn any website management process into a step-by-step guide, instantly. 

Jonny Ross: a free "answer the public"!

  1. The Website Call To Action

The ONE change or adjustment that you should be making to your website right now:

Jonny Ross: Check the date in your footer, if it is old, it will look inactive

Pascal Fintoni: Look back at your best performing social media posts and consider two content ‘repurposing up’ tactics: 1. embed the posts in relevant website articles 2. create brand new long form blog inspired by the single post and reactions

We will be back with another podcast episode, in the meantime feel free to send your questions, share your preferred app and links to your website once you have made the changes we spoke about, we would love to give you a shout out!

Jonny and Pascal

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