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Martin Palethorpe on using the mind to unleash your creative potential
Episode 1120th August 2020 • dot innovate • Nathan Anibaba
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This week we speak with Martin Palethorpe, he is an Executive Coach, Mentor and Founder at The Pragma Group. 

This is one of the most fascinating and emotionally difficult interviews I’ve done. It’s one that i’m not really proud of. I totally messed up the interview and Martin rightly pulled me up on it mid recording.  

Martin talks about the flow state being critical to accessing your potential in all of life (including your creativity). 

I wasn’t in flow in the first part of the interview. I was following a script I had prepared as a result, i wasn’t being present to the conversation as i should have been. 

To my embarrassment, Martin noticed it and stopped the interview. The second half was then an entirely different experience. You will feel and hear the difference in the podcast.

Martin’s challenge to me was to publish the whole interview which obviously terrified me! 

I’m being very very vulnerable here in publishing it all! But this is a great example of flow (and 'not flow') in action. 

The more we get out of our own heads, let go our own structures & planning, and quieten the ego - the more we have access to flow in life and to unleash our true potential. I hope this recording inspires you to do the same. 

I’m gonna play our reflections after the interview first, were martin challenges me to publish it all, unedited, then the full interview will follow.

Don't judge me too harshly! enjoy the chat.