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E51 - The Turkey Pardon - How Pardoning Connects to Gratitude
18th November 2023 • Prisoner's Pardon • Michi J
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A Thanksgiving Pardon: The Story of Thanksgiving and the Act of Forgiveness

In this episode of 'A Prisoner's Pardon Podcast', host Michi J. discusses the tradition of Thanksgiving and its symbolic relevance to forgiveness and gratitude. The discussion covers the origin of the holiday, starting with the turkey pardoning tradition initiated by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, coinciding with the year of the Emancipation Proclamation. Michi J. encourages listeners to use Thanksgiving as a platform for forgiveness, seeing this act as a symbolic pardon akin to the pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey. Emphasizing gratefulness beyond the holiday, the host suggests Thanksgiving should be a constant state of mind, inviting people to appreciate what they already have and find peace in it.

00:00 Introduction to Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season

01:40 The Origin of the Turkey Pardon Tradition

03:35 The Symbolism of Pardoning in Our Lives

04:16 The Importance of Forgiveness and Pardoning Others

04:56 President Lincoln's Thanksgiving Presentation

05:54 Thanksgiving: A State of Mind

06:57 The Commercialization of Holidays and Appreciating What We Have

07:22 Conclusion: The Need to Pardon and Be Grateful



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