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Sports Betting: The Industry's Biggest Growth Sector w/Johnny Aitken
Episode 40813th October 2021 • The Work in Sports Podcast - Insider Advice for Sports Careers • Brian Clapp - Work in Sports
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Sometimes it can be helpful to look back into sports history to understand where we are now and how radical the changes have been over the last 10 years or so.

I’m going to read two quotes and I want you to guess what we are talking about:

Here’s former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue:

"It is a matter of integrity, It is a matter of the character of our games, of the character of our fans, and a matter of values."

Now here’s former MLB commissioner Bud Selig fearful statement to federal court

“Players would not be viewed by fans as exceptionally skilled and talented competitors but as mere assets to be exploited for fast money.”

That topic was sports betting of course and in 2018, we’ve got legalized sports betting. Not everywhere... but in a growing number of states. And guess what, the world didn’t blow up. Players didn’t end up under the thumb of some mob boss, and again... the leagues themselves made money, with increased interest in their games.

How does all this happen? It’s not just at casinos, or riverboats, or racetracks --- we’re in the digital age baby, and today’s guest Johnny Aitken CEO of PointsBet USa is the leader of this charge.

We are at the tip of a very large iceberg, and Johnny’s here to tell us all about the journey and the upside... here’s Johnny.