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Branded Podcast Secrets - Erin Gregor EPISODE 2, 2nd June 2021
Utilizing Podcasts To Connect Members
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Utilizing Podcasts To Connect Members

Using a podcast to connect your community? That's why I'm so excited for this episode because that's exactly how Ryan Adam is using podcasts for his CrossFit gym.

The NFX Way was developed as a way to highlight coaches and members to keep the entire community connected in everything that was happening.

Ryan went from a novice podcaster to tackling some of the biggest issues that were not only affecting the CrossFit community but the world.

You can listen to Ryan's podcast on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/show/5wJMSLsFhv2SNDCfcjh4pS?si=fhFoA1T9SGmOU3umIthnnQ

If you're ready to start your branded podcast, schedule a 1:1 here: