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Episode 576th June 2024 • Great Security Debate • Great Security Debate Productions LLC
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In this episode of the Great Security Debate, Brian, Erik, and Dan dive into the latest trends in ransomware including an uptick in attacks against the hypervisor. Speaking of VMWare, we also "discuss" the way that Broadcom has handled the VMWare acquisition and why it both make sense (to them) and doesn't (to many customers).

The debate also heads into the impact of AI in cyber threats, and compare strategies for mitigating risk, such as prioritising vulnerabilities and understanding the attack landscape.

Additionally, the conversation shifts to business practices in tech acquisitions and the potential future disruptions in the market and importance of balancing security measures with user experience, and the need for adaptive, short-term security roadmaps to stay ahead in an ever-changing environment.

And break the big news about an upcoming Distilling Security in-person meet-up in Michigan in July!

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