Innovating for Good with Brian Iverson
Episode 7821st March 2023 • Construction Disruption • Isaiah Industries
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“As we get older, you have a choice. You can either share it or keep it. Well, I'm choosing to share it. My business plan is to support you at creating and helping you meet your sustainability message.”-Brian Iverson, CEO of Innovated Structures, Inc.


When an innovation hits the market, the landscape shifts. New companies race to sell it, customers clamor for it, and a new solution often holds the potential to change the world. Inventor Brian Iverson is all too familiar with this process, with double-digit patents to his name.


Brian’s flagship product, Tstud™, addresses thermal bridging, greatly increasing the energy efficiency of homes and businesses and saving money along the way. Listen along as he explains the science behind Tstud™ and his approach to sharing his innovations with the world.


Topics discussed in this interview:

-      The upcoming Metal Roofing Summit

-      Brian’s start in construction

-      Solving condensation issues in Minnesota

-      Focusing on conservation

-      What is a Tstud™, and how does it work?

-      When will Tstud™ come to market?

-      What’s the distribution strategy?

-      What is Innovated Structures, Inc.?

-      Recycled windmill blades and industrial recycling

-      Opening investment to the next generation

-      Stay tuned to the sustainability space

-      Rapid-fire questions


To learn more about the Tstuds™ or the science behind them, visit

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