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unsuitable on Rea Radio - Rea & Associates EPISODE 230, 27th April 2020
230: You Might Need Help Managing Your Employee Benefit Plan If…
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230: You Might Need Help Managing Your Employee Benefit Plan If…

These days, employers know that, even though they might offer their employees the opportunity to save for retirement by participating in their company-sponsored retirement plan, most people aren’t doing enough to get themselves over the finish line. As a result, government agencies continue to look closely at employee benefit plans to ensure that everything is being done to set more people up for success.

Pam Dunlap, a principal in our Cleveland office and director of Rea’s retirement plan audit services team, is here to talk about this challenge and what companies can do to pass the Department of Labor’s increasingly stringent inspection.

Listen to this episode of unsuitable to learn:

  • Why the days of outsourcing retirement plan management are over.
  • What the Department of Labor is focusing on.
  • What to do if you are thinking about buying a company and need to determine what to do with your plan.

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