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The Divine Breadcrumb - Carol Campos and Deb Sorensen EPISODE 57, 26th April 2020
Why Vulnerability is a Must in Your Business

Why Vulnerability is a Must in Your Business

Ever heard of a lawyer who is also a transformational guide, talking about energy and alchemy? We hadn't either which is why we wanted to talk with our guest, Hass Sadeghi. At his core, Hass transforms and clarifies the energetic and relational roots of the personal and team dynamic.

He brings clarity and alignment to systems and relationships, encourages making the unseen seen, hones the power of communication, and empowers transformative growth and healing.

Between 2016 and 2018 after enduring two back to back family tragedies and experiencing severe burn-out, Hass went on a sabbatical to do some soul-searching. It was then that he immersed himself in healing and energetic science trainings.

Hass now guides leaders, visionaries and teams through transformations, showing them how to reconnect with their full power and create from a clarified vision

During these unprecedented times, Hass is also helping teams unite and connect on deeper level while working remotely.  

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