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Ep. 86 - Co-founder and Editor in Chief of The Chalkboard Mag, Suzanne Hall on Creating a Wellness Empire + The Hottest Wellness Trends for 2018
Episode 8619th December 2017 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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The funny, the passionate, and mega intelligent Suzanne Hall, Co-Founder + Editor-In-Chief of The Chalkboard Mag, joins Krista and Lindsey this week for a wellness pow-wow. The girls LOVE Chalkboard because it offers a really positive, motivational, and sexy space for people to learn about the hottest new trends in wellness. Interested in living well, building a brand, building a business in the wellness space, or how to find your gateway to wellness?  Suzanne is your gal.  We chat about:  


  • The origin of The Chalkboard Mag

  • Pressed Juicery--making juicing sexy

  • Flipping the ON switch for wellness

  • Why is has made it her mission to make products and practices that are good for people, more attractive

  • Where her passion for health and wellness started

  • The link between spirituality and food

  • Listening to your gut + intuition when immersing yourself in wellness practices

  • How to start a blog or wellness business today

  • Ruthless honesty + self-love


We’re also getting excited for the New Year, so Suzanne reflects on her favorite trends of 2017 and predicts what she believes will be the biggest + best trends of 2018.

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