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Ep.#32 RUNNING & WORKING OUT TO EARN #NFTTREES: Meet Brittany Salas Co-Founder and CEO @ Sadu app
Episode 3221st January 2022 • The Tech 4 Climate Podcast • Guillaume de dorlodot
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Meet the woman helping companies to engage their employees in climate action.

PART 1: Meet the founder:

In our first episode of the year, we’re beginning the Founder Series by sitting down with Brittany Salas, Co-Founder and CEO @ Sadu app. Sādu is a play-to-earn marketplace for nature-based carbon credit.

The app leverages smartwatches and fitness trackers to connect a sense of personal well-being with the climate crisis, giving companies the ability to reward health and fitness commitments with trees planted in global reforestation projects. In the near future,  users will have access to participate in the carbon market through the ease of NFT’s. 

I was excited to speak with Brittany, an incredible woman passionate about surfing and yoga who spent part of her career in the EU supporting cleantech startups with Plug And Play venture. After this, she moved back to California and launched Sadu with the vision to bring a bottom-up approach to engage people in the climate crisis.  In this episode, we will learn more about her experience of the “Nature-based carbon removal solutions” landscape.  Together we will cover the initial challenges of building their product and nailing down the gamification mechanisms to engage the users to earn trees. We will also go deeper into the potential of NFT’s for users looking to enter the carbon market, the controversy around blockchains energy needs, how it can be mitigated and the opportunities it offers in the climate crisis. Finally, Brittany will share the next steps necessary in achieving their vision and how you can get involved.

PART 2: My secret sauce: (AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS ONLY=> More info on our site)

During the second part of the talk,  Brittany will give her secret sauce for early-stage founders looking to Bootstrap by relating her own long and bumpy journey with Sadu app’s early days. Finally, she will share some of the books she learned from and her own work-life balance tips for busy founders.


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