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CPI – Food Drink and Nutraceuticals. Supporting Innovation Across the Food Supply Chain
Episode 1167th July 2022 • Beanstalk Global • Max MacGillivray
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CPI helps make great ideas and inventions a reality. They are a team of intelligent people using advances in science and technology to solve the biggest global challenges in healthcare and sustainability. Through their incredible people and innovation infrastructure, they collaborate with their partners in industry, academia, government, and the investment community to accelerate the development and commercialisation of innovative products.  From health technologies and pharmaceuticals to sustainable food and materials innovations, they turn the entrepreneurial spirit and radical thinking of our people and partners into incredible impact that makes our world a better place. CPI is a not-for-profit deep tech innovation organisation. It connects the dots for effective innovation by bringing together academia, businesses, government and investors to make great ideas a reality. Through access to CPI’s technical and innovation knowledge and scientific facilities, companies work with CPI to commercialise their products at scale and with a clear market focus.

About sustainable food innovation at CPI

Their food solutions services offer support to assist those looking to address global food security challenges while reducing environmental impacts. Their technologies can reduce land use, water consumption, pesticide use, and greenhouse gas emissions with processes that are sustainable and non-seasonal. They are currently working with industry to develop plant-based meat, alternative livestock feed and cultured meat. These new food products and processes are animal-free, aligning with veganism and an increasing acceptance of alternative sustainable foodstuffs.

We go live with Kris Wadrop & Clare Trippett of CPI to find out more.

Kris is the General Manager of commercial operations and Clare is the Chief Technologist of CPI. We cover several wide-ranging subjects including how CPI supports industry and academia with food innovation, the positive increase of cellular agriculture innovations and how plant and animal microbiomes be harnessed to improve food sustainability.