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Episode 107 Interview with Heidi Totten – What is YOUR Kenya?
3rd October 2018 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 107 Interview with Heidi Totten – What is YOUR Kenya?

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast.

Today we are talking about how awesome it is that we get to take underwear for granted, and how one woman is at the hub of creating underwear for women in Kenya who may have never had underwear – and most certainly do NOT take it for granted.  But it’s a lot more than just a talk about skivvies. We’re talking about 100 humanitarians international and what that means. But the question you’ll want to ask yourself when this is over is WHAT IS YOUR KENYA?

Heidi Totten is a business strategist that creates programs and mentoring opportunities to help people transform their lives. We hear a lot of taglines like that on this podcast, but Heidi does this through a unique way of meditating and writing that helps create miracles in people’s lives; she calls it Manifesting Miracles. She is also the creator of 100 Humanitarians International, a non-profit focused on economic development in Kenya which includes teaching self-reliance and a whole lotta underwear. Let’s get the real story from Heidi –


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We’ve had tremendous stories of people who are creating abundance and relief for people with less in different parts of the world. Their stories are inspiring and interesting, but I love the question Heidi comes back to for our own lives which is WHAT IS YOUR KENYA? In our lives there are things we are drawn to do, and what if we just had 100 people that we influenced, touched, helped, worked with, orchestrated their talents and gifts for the forward movement of the good you feel compelled to do. It’s an interesting idea. I want to leave you with the challenge, not that you have to find 100 people for your Kenya, but to simply think about what YOUR Kenya might be. Where do you feel inclined to create something meaningful in your life?

Thanks for being here today. Go out there and live your best life story.  Keep up the great work!

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