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Jane Dutton and Monica Worline | Unleashing the Path to Flourishing within Organizations Part 1
Episode 2323rd May 2023 • The Happiness Squad • Ashish Kothari and Anil Ramjiani
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Flourishing within organizations holds the key to unlocking tremendous value. Imagine if you can deliver optimal functioning and enable your team to feel deeply alive and fire on all cylinders. That is a powerful feeling. 

In today’s episode of the Happiness Squad podcast, Anil and Ashish sit down with two distinguished guests, Jane Dutton and Monica Worline, co-authors of "Awakening Compassion at Work," to explore and unveil the potential for cultivating thriving cultures.

Jane, a dedicated PhD and University Professor, is committed to fostering human flourishing at work. As a co-founder of the Center for Positive Organization and a founding member of Compassion Lab, she provides valuable resources for leaders and managers seeking to apply positive organizational scholarship, including her book "How to Be a Positive Leader."

Monica, a leading advocate for compassionate practices in organizations, holds a PhD and serves as the Faculty Director for Engaged Learning and Innovation at the Center for Positive Organizations, University of Michigan's Ross School of Business. She is also the Executive Director of Compassion Lab and the founder and CEO of EnlivenWork, an idea incubator that cultivates courageous thinking and compassionate leadership.

In this episode, Jane and Monica share profound insights on flourishing and nurturing thriving cultures. They delve into the vital components of positive connections, meaning, and emotions within the workplace. Furthermore, they shed light on the transformative influence of awakening compassion at work, introducing practical tools such as the "reflected best self" exercise for personal development.

Tune in to learn how you can unlock the true potential of positive flourishing within your organization! 

What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • Jane's flourishing triangle and Monica's “Reflected Best Self” exercise.
  • Stories about how we have impacted others can increase our awareness of our strengths and their impact.
  • How positive connections can be built through short interactions and connections with others.
  • How personal experiences shape our understanding of flourishing, including the power of community and its constraints.
  • Why organizations should awaken their capacity to respond to suffering with compassion to support high performance and alleviate distress.
  • And so much more...


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