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Encore: Approaching my 40’s, No Kids … Yet I Leaped, Choosing God, Divorce and the Unknown with Suzanne Mohr
Bonus Episode19th May 2021 • Authentic Wednesday Podcast • Bianca Hughes
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In this encore podcast episode I had the pleasure of hearing Suzanne Mohr's authentic experience of going through divorce as a Christian. She bravely shared her internal struggle of shame and guilt, the pressure from the church to stay married and how she trusted God with possibilities and the unknown. Suzanne is a makeup artist, writer, and lover of life with an eye for all things beautiful. She has a passion for helping women heal from broken relationships and overcome the limitations that keep them from fully experiencing the very best life has to offer.


In this episode Suzanne discusses

  • The Idolization of marriage within the christian community
  • Scriptures taken out of context regarding divorce
  • The pressure to be married in the church
  • Developing a relationship with God
  • Fears  regarding getting a divorce
  • Thriving after a divorce
  • Not being able to show up as yourself in a marriage
  • Recognizing your emotional and mental drought after a divorce
  • The importance of taking time to heal after a divorce
  • Guilt  and shame surrounding initiating divorce
  • Being brave and choosing possibilities instead of fears
  • God loves you despite getting a divorce


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Resources Mentioned on the Show

Melanie Tonia Evans

Escaping Toxic Guilt


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