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Sandra Horlings, Brands with a Conscience
Episode 354th January 2021 • Unlocking Your World of Creativity • Mark Stinson
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Meet Sandra Horlings: a brand and business strategist & creative facilitator, a partner in progress.

Sandra helps teams explore new business opportunities in uncharted territory and to create compelling branded experiences, backed by sturdy -- innovative -- business models. She has more than 30 years of experience in working with and for leading brands, in almost every category.

She sparks progress, energizes collaboration, and brings strong actionable concepts to the table. Listen to her thoughts to boost innovation with a major dose of enthusiasm.

I ask Sandra:

  • how to build a successful and responsible brand
  • how to strengthen the brand with innovative, surprising branded experiences
  • how to facilitate multidisciplinary teams to move from products to solutions
  • how to build compelling stories for all stakeholders
  • how to create new business value while co-creating with customers

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