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Embrace Your Fears: From Shark Attack Survivor to Shark Advocate, the Incredible Story of Paul De Gelder
29th October 2020 • The Superhumanize Podcast •
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Think about your worst nightmare becoming reality: you're living the life of your dreams, you are part of one of the most elite and admired special forces units in the world, you are a Navy Clearance Diver with the Australian Defense Forces. And then, one day, while you are swimming in Sydney Harbor, suddenly without warning, a massive nine foot bull shark slams into you. It sinks its teeth into your arms and legs and pulls you underwater. And you come to terms with this being the day you're going to die.

But then you don't. Miraculously, you slip out of the shark's grip and swim to safety. You are alive, but in the process of surviving, you lost your hand and leg. Literally within seconds, everything you thought constituted your identity was ripped from you.

But then you rise through the pain, the fear and the desolation, and you recreate yourself bigger, better, and badder in every aspect than before.

This is the incredible story of overcoming unimaginable adversity, pain and fear. And in spite of it all, achieving everything you've ever dreamed of.

This is the story of Paul de Gelder.

In my conversation with Paul, you'll hear:

-Paul's background, growing up as a troubled kid and teenager, dealing with bullying and self harm... 3:00

-What life lessons schools need to be teaching kids...12:15

-How the problems and bad experiences we live through can give us resilience for the future

-Finding stability in a military career...19:20

-The importance of sleep as a foundation for good health, and Paul's top hacks for sleep... 24:15

-The process of becoming an elite soldier and what it takes to be a Navy Clearance Diver... 29:00

-Coping with and breaking through your worst fear and making it your ally and motivator... 27:45

-Turning fear into love: advocating for the animal that nearly killed him...1:00:45

-The role of sharks in the eco system of the oceans and why we need to protect them

-The positive health effects of switching to a plant based diet

-How to sustainably go vegan

-Redifining masculinity: what to teach boys to help them become good men

-The benefits of being of service to others and how a greater purpose can propel your life into its true potential




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