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Journey into Permaculture - Vinson Corbo TRAILER, 30th March 2020
Encouragement in Permaculture

Encouragement in Permaculture

I wanted to share some words of encouragement for those that are thinking about starting a journey into permaculture, and to those who have already started.

For those just thinking about starting... just start! Every garden was started by just one plant. Make mistakes, that is part of becoming a master. You got this, I believe in you!

For those of us who already have a homestead or have a permaculturally designed space. Perhaps the layers of the design may have shown some difficulties. Remember, our famous friend Bill Mollison says, the problem is the solution. Try to flip the problem around, and there you will find the solution. A homestead isn't built in a day, this is a long journey, and takes time.

Can't wait to share more words of encouragement on this journey!