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Navigating Co-Leadership and Tech Innovations with Elizabeth Caley
15th April 2024 • The Startup CEO Show • Mark MacLeod
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In this episode of the Startup CEO Show, join Mark MacLeod and Elizabeth Caley for an insightful discussion with Elizabeth Caley, co-founder and CEO of Poppy. Learn how Poppy is revolutionizing indoor air quality with cutting-edge technology and bold leadership.

Gain strategic insights as Elizabeth shares her journey from corporate to startup life, navigating product development, and embracing the chaos of entrepreneurship. Discover the power of clear communication, remote work culture hacks, and the magic of co-founder synergy.

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04:33 - 07:01: How the Pandemics Shifted Businessess

07:01 - 11:11: Strategic Moves: Acquisition

11:11 - 14:54: Startup Success: Pandemic Agility

14:54 - 18:55: Energy Efficiency: HVAC Optimization

20:06 - 25:20: Seamless Transition to Remote Work

25:20 - 28:01: Collaboration & Resilience

28:01 - 31:50: CEO's Time Management: Maximizing Availability

31:50 - 36:24: Inclusive Leadership: Empowering Sales

38:06 - 42:34: Embracing Change: COO to CEO

42:34 - 45:24: Career Evolution: Shedding Norms

45:24 - 49:02: Diverse Journey: Consulting to Product Leadership


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