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Get to Know the Women of Deal Us In
Episode 128th April 2020 • Deal Us In • McGuireWoods
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The private equity and finance industries have evolved significantly in recent the years. While the increasing availability of information has led to a faster pace, we’re also seeing more women occupying leadership roles, and being recognized for their skills and efforts – something that was far less common a decade ago. 

Deal Us In is a new podcast produced by McGuireWoods and 7 Mile Advisors, which aims to promote the advancement of women as critical leaders in private equity and finance. Through relatable conversations with professional women, especially those in under-represented corporate leadership positions, this podcast will highlight the importance of inclusion and diversity in the legal practice.

On the inaugural episode of Deal Us In, hosts Kelsey Hitchcock, Ann Dorsett, and Phyllis Young from McGuireWoods, along with 7 Mile Advisors’ Ariail Barker discuss their individual backgrounds and what led them to the private equity industry. They touch on the differences between transactional work and litigation, mentioning how deals and negotiations of the former are conducted and how being a transactional lawyer is a way of life. And now, women are not only more visible, but are stepping up to higher roles in law firms.

They conclude by sharing a piece of advice they would give their 22-year old selves, advice that is applicable to any young female in the legal industry. Women’s voices matter, and you should be comfortable taking risks, speaking up, raising issues, and proposing solutions when needed. Trust yourself more and spend less time trying to please other people.

A valuable takeaway from Kelsey, Ann, Phyllis, and Ariail, is that women can be women and still get ahead, without needing to act like ‘men.’

Thank you for joining us at the table, for this episode of Deal Us In. If you have a recommendation for an inspiring interviewee, a question you'd like us to ask, or a topic you would like to hear covered, or if you'd like to tell us about women focused initiatives in the field, please go to our website at We look forward to hearing from you.

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