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From Employment to Full Time Private Practice
Episode 229th February 2024 • Good Enough Counsellors • Josephine Hughes
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How do you make that leap from full time employment to full time private practice? In this episode, psychotherapist Tracey Carlisle shares how she found the courage to leave the comfort of her job behind so that she could fulfil her dream of working as a therapist.

Tracey shares practical tips about getting started, how to get clients, and most of all - how to escape the 9-5!

In Today's Episode:

  • Tracey's Beginnings: Starting with just a few evening clients while working another job, Tracey shares her initial steps towards building her private practice during lockdown.
  • Transition Challenges: Tracey shares what it was like to balance two jobs and move towards full-time self-employment.
  • The Leap of Faith: How encouragement from family prompted Tracy to hand in her notice sooner than planned, despite fears about giving up a stable income.
  • Finding Clients: Strategies that worked for Tracy included word-of-mouth through friends and family, directory listings like Counselling Directory, Google My Business, and leaving business cards at local businesses.
  • Importance of Boundaries & Mindset: Establishing clear boundaries with clients was crucial for success. Equally important was adopting the right mindset—realising it wasn't necessary to have everything perfectly in place before starting out.

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