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But Surely Imposter Syndrome Is Incurable? [Episode 24]
Episode 2413th June 2022 • Ditching Imposter Syndrome • Clare Josa
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Can you cure Imposter Syndrome? Or is it something you simply have to learn to cope with? Is it an inevitable part of stretching comfort zones? Or something you could set yourself free from, without pretending, or worrying about it coming back?

The internet is full of people telling us that there's nothing we can do to cure Imposter Syndrome. But why is that such a big problem? And how might that keep you stuck, worrying about being 'found out' as not good enough or a fraud, no matter how hard you try to ditch it?

In this episode of the Ditching Imposter Syndrome Podcast we'll explore the secret addiction that keeps us stuck in the Imposter Syndrome rut, why Google and social media might not be the best place to go for advice, and what you could start doing today to kickstart your journey to turning Imposter Syndrome around.

Here's What We'll Cover About How You Can Cure Imposter Syndrome:

  • Is Imposter Syndrome incurable? And why do so many people think that?
  • What happens when you believe this?
  • The secret addiction that keeps us stuck in the Imposter Syndrome rut
  • The problem with Imposter Syndrome coping strategies
  • Why do so many people tell us that there's no cure for Imposter Syndrome?
  • What's the answer?
  • How could you get started today?

Shownotes & resources:

Are you running Imposter Syndrome? Free research-backed Imposter Syndrome quiz & personalised action plan.

Imposter Syndrome is only incurable if no one has shown you how.
Whether you believe Imposter Syndrome can be cured or you believe it can't, you're right.

Read Ditching Imposter Syndrome and start changing your life before bedtime tonight!