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The Evolving Role of the Hospital and Health System in the US: What Private Equity Should Understand
Episode 86th November 2020 • Across the Table • McGuireWoods - Alyssa Campbell and Kayla McCann Marty
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In light of the continuous technological advances in the healthcare field, the question arises, how do we keep people healthy while keeping them out of the hospital? With increasing medical costs and potential exposure to disease, what can the US Healthcare system do to ensure high-quality care while easing the burdens on the healthcare system and patient’s wallets?

Addressing the evolution of care providers in the US healthcare system on this episode of Across the Table are McGuireWoods partners and hosts Amber Walsh and Holly Buckley, joined by Dr. Jay Robinson, clinical psychologist turned Hospital Administrator at Kaiser Permanente.

Dr. Robinson explains how the Kaiser model is de-emphasizing the hospital, “[w]e really want people to be in the least restrictive setting. And we try to, through our access initiatives, to make sure that we're addressing your needs well before you have to come to the hospital.” (4:33)

Some highlights from the episode:

  • Dr. Robinson’s background (1:19)
  • The three different entities of Kaiser Permanente: hospitals, medical group, and insurance company (3:07)
  • How do we keep people out of the hospital and keep them healthy? (5:02)
  • The most effective ways hospitals have made themselves less important (5:49)
  • How innovative surgical procedures are reducing demand for hospital beds (9:03)
  • Pros and cons of private investment in the healthcare space (9:56)
  • How private equity-driven value-based care may lead to better care with better margins (13:17)
  • The biggest game-changers Dr. Robinson sees on the horizon: high quality at a low price, a good patient experience, telemedicine, and equity is access to medical care (15:00)
  • How Dr. Robinson leverages his unique training and background in his role as hospital administrator (18:13)

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