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How to Make Great Decisions at Work - Chief Marketing Officer at Learfield, Jennifer Davis
Episode 5331st August 2021 • The CEO Sessions • Ben Fanning
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Making great decisions at work is an essential leadership skill.  Yet, most leaders just "wing it" when it comes to decision making.  It doesn't have to be this way. 

There are proven strategies to help improve your decision making which have positive downstream effects like improving your efficiency, increasing revenue, and reducing costs. 

Enter Jennifer Davis, Chief Marketing Officer at Learfield, and former senior executive at Amazon Web Services, Honeywell, Leyard International and Planar Systems.

She’s authored the new book, Well Made Decisions, which is being published this month by New Degree Press

Jennifer's LinkedIn profile:


  • Jennifer’s first job and what she took away from those days.
  • What makes working at Learfield so special.
  • Amazon’s most effective training strategy.
  • How to become a thought leader.
  • The real benefit of sharing the spotlight.
  • What you must do in order to get promoted.
  • How employee turnover can be a measure of success.
  • How to get the CEO to back your idea (Amazon).
  • Well made decisions.
  • How to beat decision fatigue.


Tips on how to present big ideas:

  • Write it down as a fake press release.
  • Use the fake PR to communicate with people who could help to build your idea.


“I’ve always admired those leaders who are willing to do the full range of work.”

When training others “Make the first step easy!”

“If you’re a thought leader, you should act like one.”

“You build your credibility through helping others.”

“There’s a difference between role clarity/ownership.”

“If you do a good job of solving the problem, you’ll naturally get more resources.”

“Decisions are not right or wrong; they are made right by what comes afterwards.”


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