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Peter Glassford | The Consummate Athlete
Episode 1585th March 2023 • Bikepack Adventures Podcast • Chris Panasky
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In this episode of the Bikepack Adventures podcast, I had the opportunity to speak with my cycling coach Peter Glassford. At the Consummate Athlete, the goal is simple; to help people lead their best active, adventurous lives through coaching, videos, podcasts, articles and events. Throughout our conversation, we talk about my own personal journey into bikepacking and what I have created for the greater community, both in terms of the podcast, route-sharing website, my own Grand Depart event and of course my latest endeavour, the Canadian Shield Bikepacking Summit. We then change directions and I throw some questions Peter's way, on things that I am constantly thinking about, such as training, eating, the importance of heart-rate as a means of measuring performance, alcohol, and more. Far from being the usual podcast style you are so used to listening to, I hope you enjoy this conversation with Peter. If you enjoy this episode and are looking for a little more guidance in your preparation for the coming season of cycling adventures, I highly recommend you check out

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