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Mental Health: How We Can Best Support the Men in Our Lives Feat. Jay Shifman | POW51
Episode 5113th April 2022 • Pieces of a Woman • Cristie and DeAnna
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In this episode, Cristie and DeAnna are diving deep into men’s mental health and how we can better support the men in our lives. Mental health advocate, Jay Shifman, joins us as he shares the steps we can take to create a safe space, be better listeners, and have uncomfortable conversations with our loved ones.

Learn More About Jay:

Jay Shifman is an open book. A vulnerable storyteller and stigma-destroying speaker, podcaster, and event host, Jay’s story of struggle is familiar to the millions of people the world over who also struggle with issues of mental health, substance misuse, and addiction. The survivor of two suicide attempts and an overdose and now in long-term recovery, it is Jay’s mission to encourage difficult conversations and honest education concerning these and similar struggles.

Jay founded his company, Choose Your Struggle, in 2015 with two distinct goals: ending stigma and promoting honest and fact-based education around the topics of Mental Health, Substance Misuse & Recovery, and Drug Use & Policy. A fervent believer in radical honesty and the simple fact that neither struggle nor recovery should be treated as a one-size-fits-all experience, Jay uses his voice, and his platforms to educate, entertain, and empower.

In 2021, Jay added a new line to his resume when he was invited to join the roster of podcast hosts for the Drugs, Addiction, and Recovery channel on the New Books Network.

Holding a BA in Psychology from Northern Kentucky University and with over a decade of lived and professional experience in the field, Jay has put in numerous hours of independent learning acquiring certifications in mental health, substance misuse and addiction, and drug policy. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Lauren, and their dog, Nell.

Key Takeaways:

  • [04:01] How to communicate with a loved one who may be struggling with their mental health
  • [06:28] Why learning to vocalize emotions is like training a muscle
  • [07:08] 3 topics that 95% of male friendships revolve around 
  • [12:10] How to create a safe environment that allows for emotional expression 
  • [14:20] The mindfulness exercise to become more comfortable sharing your emotions
  • [17:24 ] The #1 realization you need to be aware of in order to give someone the space to open up to you
  • [20:39] How to have more self-awareness when handling tough conversations 
  • [26:06] Advice for the men who have a hard time opening up and communicating
  • [28:49] Society, ADHD, and misdiagnosis
  • [32:17] The negative and positive effects of social media and our mental health

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