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Don't Be Alarmed We're Negros - Band Dork Media EPISODE 10, 6th April 2021
Who's The Master?????
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Who's The Master?????

This episode will cover the Tiger News of the Week | Last week's: Valero Texas Open and Ana Inspiration | Then we get into our special MASTERS 72 CHAMBERS STYLE!!!

Past Masters Winners Dinner Choices Over Time - Good, bad and the booboo

Masters Augusta National Course Walkthrough

Masters and Diversity - Lee Elder to be honored by PGA on the largest stage for golf.

Masters and Music - What songs are you adding to your playlist to hype you up about the Masters?

Par 3 - 3 Shaolin Style Questions for our guests

2021 Masters Picks and OddsMasters Patron Menu Eats - ODB Budget of $18 - what are you crushing?

What are we HATING on? (BUILT for Augusta Links Edition)

Wrap up and shout outs from the Don’t Be Alarmed Crew!