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#133: 10 Questions to Decide If You Should Start a New Demand Gen Strategy - Demand Gen mini-series Ep.5
Episode 522nd April 2024 • The B2B Playbook • Kevin Chen & George Coudounaris
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Are you struggling to generate consistent demand and pipeline for your B2B business? In this episode of The B2B Playbook, we dive deep into 10 critical questions that will help you determine whether you need to start your demand generation strategy from scratch or simply plug the gaps in your existing approach.

You'll love our comprehensive framework to audit and optimize your demand generation efforts. It covers key areas such as customer alignment, content creation, measurement, and documentation. They offer practical insights and actionable steps to help you build a robust demand generation engine that drives consistent pipeline and revenue.

Throughout the episode, we share real-world examples and best practices, highlighting the importance of understanding your dream customers, leveraging subject matter experts, mapping content to the stages of awareness, and implementing effective content repurposing and distribution strategies. We also address advanced tactics like account-based marketing and product ads, ensuring you have a well-rounded approach to demand generation.

This is pt.5 of our mini-series on Demand Generation, where we answer every question you could possibly have around the topic.

Tune in and learn:

+ How to assess if your demand generation strategy is built on a solid foundation

+ The essential elements of a successful demand generation program

+ Practical tips for optimizing your existing efforts and filling gaps

This episode is a must-watch for B2B marketers who want to maximize their demand generation impact and drive consistent growth for their business.


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00:00:00 Introduction: Should You Start From Scratch or Plug Gaps?

00:01:21 Overview of the Five B's Framework

00:02:37 Question 1: Are You and Sales Aligned on Target Customers?

00:05:58 Question 2: Is Your Understanding Based on Customer Interviews?

00:09:21 Question 3: Are Content Pillars Based on Customer Pain Points?

00:11:45 Question 4: Is Your Content Led by Subject Matter Experts?

00:15:32 Question 5: Is Your Content Matched to Stages of Awareness?

00:18:34 Question 6: Do You Have a Content Repurposing System?

00:21:30 Question 7: Are You Tracking Leading and Lagging Indicators?

00:23:29 Question 8: Have You Tried Account-Based Marketing?

00:25:00 Question 9: Do You Have Product Ads Running?

00:26:29 Question 10: Is Your Demand Gen Strategy Documented?

00:28:17 Get Help with the B2B Incubator Program

00:29:24 Key Takeaways and Next Steps

00:30:31 Closing Remarks


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