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One Size Fits One
Episode 263rd August 2020 • The Sound Foundations for Parenting Podcast • Darren McCarthy and Brian Powers
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Eric Sigman is an advocate for changing the face of education to one that is responsive to student’s needs socially, emotionally and academically. Over the past 10 years as an administrator, he has implemented this practice as an Administrative Intern, Summer School Principal, K - 12 STEM Coordinator and Elementary Assistant Principal.

Eric became an avid student of the educational reform mindset, not only for myself but also for my students. Attending various educational conferences, reading various books and learning from leaders in the field, this mindset is now central to my lifestyle. As a result, he managed to capture, grow and share these experiences with many students and staff.

Today Eric is a school administrator, father of four and educational consultant.

In this episode, you we discuss:

· If educators want to be change makers they must be visible.

· Education is four way accountability, parent, student, teacher, administrator

· Working with students is all about relationship

· Parents need to educate the whole child.

· Mindfulness programs are showing great benefits for teachers and students.

· Schools need to find ways to leverage community partner relationships to form and develop programs that help kids regulate, recognize and redirect their emotions.

· It is not only about the how and what we learn. WHY children learn what they learn is crucial as well.

· Getting back to civics classes could help us go a long way toward where we need to go.

· Modern technology, science, STEM programs can have a wonderful positive impact on the future of education.

· Schools need to provide more than one avenue for children to succeed.

·  We should always try to lead by what is better for the student.

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