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PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Kelly Mitchell EPISODE 16, 23rd June 2021
Navigating Grief, Stress & Eternal Love

Navigating Grief, Stress & Eternal Love

S1: E16: Navigating Grief, Stress & Eternal Love


Dan Loeffler joins PlayingDA to share his story and discuss how to navigate through the tragic loss of a loved one. Kelly provides interesting resources to commemorate and memorialize loved ones and honor their memory.

Special Guest

Dan Loeffler - Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist.

Time Stamps


[02:10-Meet Dan]

[30:26-Commemorating Eternal Love]

[33:06 - Outro]

Key Takeaways

*Navigating grief is like building an airplane in the air

*Experiencing grief doesn't get easier the more you are exposed to it

*Starting a sentence with 'At least...' is not a comfort to those suffering loss

*Men are notorious 'grief soldiers'

*Short-term distractions can be unhealthy long-term addictions

*Grieving is a personal experience everyone goes through differently, be kind to yourself

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Reference Links

Dan’s website - https://beingwithgrief.com/

Grief Recovery Method - https://www.griefrecoverymethod.com/

The Dinner Party - https://www.thedinnerparty.org/

My Truce With Life (blog) - https://www.musingaroundlv.com/post/my-truce-with-life

Alternative Memorializations (blog) - https://www.musingaroundlv.com/post/top-3-ways-to-become-immortal-other-cool-stuff-you-can-do-with-a-dead-body

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