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The Right Way To Run Viral Contests To Build Your Email List With Travis Ketchum
Episode 6810th February 2021 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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We all love winning free stuff, I am right?!

Winning a contest is great, but running a contest can be an incredible way of spreading the word about your brand and getting tonnes of new sales. 

That said, there are definitely right ways and (very) wrong ways to go about this.

Travis Ketchum is the Founder of Contest Domination with over 20k customers, and Campaign Refinery which processes over 300 million emails a MONTH. He knows exactly how to run contests like a BOSS, leading to heaps of new leads and sales and he’s here to teach you how to do it, in this episode.

The Right Way To Run Viral Contests to Build Your Email List with Travis Ketchum

Episode Content

  • (02:22) It’s two truths and a lie…and it’s Rob turn to guess. You can do it Rob!
  • (04:20) The great thing about running a contest…when run it properly.
  • (05:40) This is how you make the contest super effective.
  • (07:24) Which prize should you giveaway? You need to get this right.
  • (08:45) One of Travis’ old clients got this very wrong.
  • (10:28) OK, but what about all the people who didn’t win? Won't they hate you now?
  • (12:50) Kennedy’s mind is BLOWN by this.
  • (14:08) The power of the consolation prize.
  • (14:42) What if you only sell one thing…should that be your prize?
  • (18:10) Making the shift to selling a new product? Keep listening. 
  • (19:18) One of the biggest mistake coaches and gurus make when running a contest.
  • (21:30) This is an easy mistake to make, but you don’t need to make it.
  • (23:26) This subject line of the week is ridiculously simple…. it’s genius.

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