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Creating a Thriving Mindset
Episode 8614th October 2021 • Holistic Business Matters • Helen Harding
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Your mindset reflects how you experience the world and is based on a collection of your thoughts and beliefs. These help you to navigate your reality which affects your inclination towards things and your attitude. Your mindset determines how you interpret life, respond to situations and the habits you build.

Simply put, your mindset shapes your thoughts, which impact your feelings and are reflected in your behaviours.

Mindset is key to thriving as a practitioner and it can easily deceive you and keep you playing small, but the great news is - your mindset can be changed and developed.

  • (01:17) What is mindset?
  • (02:07) What stories are you telling yourself?
  • (03:48) Identify the story
  • (05:03) Decide your new story
  • (06:34) Supporting your new story

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