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035 | Helping teams thrive with personal user manuals
Episode 3520th May 2022 • HR Coffee Time • Fay Wallis
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No matter what size team you're working in, personal user manuals are a simple, free and easy tool that can help teams thrive. Listen to this HR Coffee Time episode, to hear career coach Fay Wallis share what personal user manuals are, why they're a great idea, some typical questions or prompts that you could include in them, and then finally, how to make sure that you're using and rolling them out effectively.

Key Points From This Episode

[00:22] Celebrating 10,000 downloads

[01:59] The idea behind personal user manuals

[03:43] Different ways of approaching personal user manuals

[04:12] Examples of what you could include in your personal user manuals

[09:07] Fay's experience of learning about personal user manuals

[10:45] More information on Fay’s new group coaching programme – ‘Inspiring HR

[12:39] Self-reflection tools: DISC Assessment (explained in detail in episode 3:  Building Relationships with difficult people at work) & The Four Tendencies Quiz

[15:13] The Four Tendencies Quiz explained & recommended resources to learn more about it:

[18:19] Tips on using personal user manuals successfully

[20:07] Fay refers to previous episodes:

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Further Resources About Personal User Manuals

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