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Turning Innovation into Strategy featuring Lindsey Laughlin
Episode 2322nd February 2022 • Brand Story • Steve Gilman
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Sustaining innovation, low-end disruption, new-market disruption. Three main types of innovation discussed by Gravity’s own Vice President, Lindsey Laughlin. How and when you use each type is based on your place in the market. In this episode, Lindsey guides us through innovation opportunities and disruptive strategy, providing thought-provoking examples and advice on how to better frame your product or service for the masses.

This is Brand Story, a podcast celebrating the stories of real people who are making an impact on brands, business, and the world around them. Episodes feature guests from a variety of backgrounds who bring their own unique perspectives to the conversation.

Brand Story is created and produced by Gravity Group, a full-service brand and marketing agency, and is hosted by Gravity Group President, Steve Gilman.

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Episode Chapters:

(00:00) Introduction

(07:05) Customers don’t buy products, they hire products

(13:48) Being an empathic marketer

(15:47) Bring your team along with your innovative product

(18:08) Define your performance defining component

(21:42) Three phases of business growth

(28:28) Being a lifelong learner

(29:45) Career Advice