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Michal Stawicki from Corporate IT to CEO, Business Coach, and Author | Energy Sector Heroes
12th September 2023 • Energy Sector Heroes ~ Careers in Oil & Gas, Sustainability & Renewable Energy • Michelle Fraser
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Welcome to our latest episode! This week, host Michelle Fraser engages in a captivating conversation with Mr Consistency, Michal Stawicki. Journey with us as we trace Michal's remarkable career path filled with transformative changes.

Michal's voyage took him from a corporate IT career to becoming a highly successful CEO, Business Coach, and Author – a true testament to the power of reinvention and self-improvement.

Discover the secrets behind Michal's life-changing decisions and how he managed to turn his life around for the better. Uncover the strategies he employs to keep his motivation soaring high, empowering him to achieve his dreams.

Throughout the episode, you'll learn the significance of crafting your own personal mission statement and how it can guide you to success.

Michal shares his insights on the importance of being flexible, swiftly adapting your plans, and taking alternative paths when necessary to reach your goals.

Furthermore, discover the invaluable wisdom from many highly successful leaders who quickly filter out unfavourable opportunities and only embrace those that ignite a resounding "Hell yes!"

Join us as Michal delves into the significance of refraining from self-sabotage and granting yourself the permission to succeed.

This episode is brimming with inspiration, practical advice, and life-changing perspectives. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from Michal's incredible journey and gain insights that can elevate your own life. Let's dive right in!




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