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Victoria Hajjar | Fixing Your Flop: 5 Ways to Course Correct a Failing Marketing Campaign
Episode 4817th June 2024 • Women Choosing Growth • Tina Sue
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Episode 48 – Fixing Your Flop: 5 Ways to Course Correct a Failing Marketing Campaign


In this episode of the Women Choosing Growth podcast, Episode 48 titled "Fixing Your Flop: 5 Ways to Course Correct a Failing Marketing Campaign," Tina Moser interviews Victoria Hajjar, a marketing expert, who shares insights on the pitfalls and solutions in social media marketing campaigns. Victoria highlights the common issue of attracting followers who do not convert into buyers and emphasizes the importance of targeting and qualifying your audience. She discusses a five-step process to revamp an underperforming campaign: auditing the campaign, involving the team, coordinating changes, segmenting the audience for tailored communication, and conducting a postmortem review. Additionally, Victoria provides resources for building a sales-focused marketing strategy and offers ways to connect with her for further guidance.

Victoria points out the excitement that comes with viral content and the surge in followers it brings. However, she underscores that these followers often do not align with the brand’s target market, leading to low conversion rates. She shares her experience of discussing this issue on LinkedIn, emphasizing the need for content that not only adds value but also filters and qualifies potential customers. By focusing on creating specific, targeted content, brands can ensure that their audience is more likely to be genuinely interested and engaged.

Victoria also expalins the practical steps of campaign improvement. She stresses the importance of a comprehensive audit to understand the customer journey and realign it with the campaign’s goals. Collaboration within the team is crucial to bring diverse perspectives and ideas into the problem-solving process. Clear communication and synchronized updates are vital to avoid disjointed efforts. By segmenting the audience based on engagement, brands can tailor their communication to address specific needs and objections. Finally, conducting a postmortem review helps in capturing learnings and refining strategies for future campaigns.

What You Will Learn from the Show:

  • Why followers don’t always convert into buyers and how to address this issue.
  • The importance of targeting and qualifying your audience through specific content.
  • A five-step process to fix underperforming marketing campaigns.
  • The significance of team collaboration and clear communication in campaign management.
  • How to use postmortem reviews to continuously improve marketing strategies.

Notable Quotes:

  • "The problem is that our followers aren't necessarily buyers. They could never be buyers." – Victoria Hajjar
  • "The content we create has to qualify our people... to filter out all the people that are not interested." – Victoria Hajjar
  • "Reconnect with our bigger goals for the campaign or promotion and make sure that our messaging, our imagery, the journey we're bringing them on makes sense and is connected to what we're trying to accomplish." – Victoria Hajjar
  • "Get on the same page with what changes are going to be made so we're not just making changes in little silos." – Victoria Hajjar
  • "Segmenting our contacts by activities... to kind of turn up the heat a little bit on the promotion or campaign to help move them into action or do some objection handling." – Victoria Hajjar






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