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Exploring Storytelling & Dreams with Toluwani Obayan
Episode 1019th May 2023 • The Naija Filmmaker • Sele Got
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Toluwani Obayan is a screenwriter, best known for writing films like Ponzi, and This Lady Called Life. She is also the author of the book titled Becoming A Spectacular Woman.

We explore the journey of a writer and filmmaker who shares her experiences and lessons learned in the creative process. From struggling with a lack of inspiration and self-doubt to finding therapeutic value in writing, the guest discusses the importance of vulnerability and humility in her work. We also touch on the importance of ownership and curiosity in improving creative abilities. Toluwani shares her own career experiences, including financial struggles and working on small projects. The episode wraps up with tips for aspiring filmmakers, including how to hone their craft and approach creating a film with depth and nuance.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. Challenges of writing a feature film and the importance of humility and research

2. "Becoming a Spectacular Woman" and its self-publishing journey 

3. Developing Characters and Themes


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