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Scofield Thomas - Managing Director 800-TECH and Southern Technology Ltd.
Episode 726th May 2021 • UpTick - Caribbean Innovators Live • Chike Farrell - Caribbean Ideas Synapse
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What is that thing? That thing that causes innovators and entrepreneurs to keep going when the chips are down? When people doubt them? When they doubt themselves even? That core essence of drive and determination that causes people to want to build and grow and create impact? It's a really powerful thing, and its one of the things that are really fascinating about alot of the conversations that I have on this show. Today's guest in no different.

Scofield Thomas is founder of 800-TECH, a business that's devoted to helping Caribbean Small to Medium sized Enterprises really harness the power of Information Technology and modern technologies to transform themselves and their businesses to become even more competitive. Pretty eerily similar to some of things that myself and my co-founder at Caribbean Ideas really believe in.

I was fascinated to explore with Scofield some of the ways that he has tackled the hurdles that has come his way, how he has juggled his entrepreneurial dream with working and studying and all of the different things that has formed him into being someone so focused on building impactful experiences for his customers and really building long term relationships.




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