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Work that Grift & WTF Ontario
Episode 243rd June 2021 • New Left Radio • New Left Media
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Air Canada spent the better part of last year working that grift. JT and his pals bought in, gifting $5.9 billion to the multi-billion dollar company. Now we know, Air Canada wasn’t just lobbying, they were busy funneling federal wage subsidies to executives to the tune of $10 million. Will Canada ever be free of the corporate succubus?

Just WTF is happening in Ontario? PUBLICLY FUNDED Catholic school boards are debating whether to fly the pride flag and it’s causing quite the hubbub — better question: just why do parochial schools still get public money? What century is this?

Then, we look forward to the 2022 Ontario election. Doug Ford and his Regressive Conservatives are still in the lead by a hair, but it’s looking to be a tossup. What has to happen between now and the election for us to free ourselves from this failure of leadership?