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Amazon, Apple, Principles & Tequila: Interview of Gregor Purdy, Silicon Valley Advisor- Pt. 2
Episode 3311th March 2021 • TECHquila Sunrise • Supply Chain Now
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Greg spends time with Amazon & Apple Alum and good friend Gregor Purdy. Nowadays, Gregor is a strategic advisor, executive coach & fractional CTO to tech companies and companies needing strategic & technology advisement. These two friends discuss their journey through supply chain tech, and Gregor reflects on his time at Amazon, their 14 business principals, and how he helps build stronger company frameworks so businesses can be as effective as the industry behemoth. The conversation turns to Gregor's other passion, Tequila. What else? Gregor shares management insights and even the PROPER way to taste Tequila (Spoiler alert: it's not shots). Listen UP!

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