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Kevin J Hart of Green Check Verified on Cannabis and Banking Compliance
Episode 115th April 2019 • Lit Up Founders • Lit Up Media
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"Because it’s too hard for two highly regulated industries — legal cannabis-related businesses and financial institutions — to connect. A volatile mix of local, state, federal and banking laws and regulations make relationships difficult. Compliance and reporting can be overwhelming for both parties. Many financial institutions have steered clear of this new business opportunity, intimidated by the potential risk of tainted funds. Many legally operating businesses are forced to manage large amounts of cash, stifling their ability to grow. Green Check replaces these processes with a cloud-based platform that verifies legal cannabis-related businesses, analyzes every transaction and automatically files required reports."

Kevin J Hart of Green Check Verified joins us on our inaugural show to discuss satisfying Banking & Cannabis Regulations.

Kevin is an experience C-level executive that has been involved in the tech industry for 4 decades. His passion for solving business problems via technology has brought him all over the world, working with F100 companies and start ups. Driven by the notion that horizontal business challenges are always the most fun to attack he embarked on the journey to design a holistic, horizontally integrated platform to solve the cannabis banking challenge.

Kevin’s Favorite Cannabis News Sources:

Kevin J Hart, CEO, Green Check Verified

Brian Weber, Host, Lit Up, Big Ideas in Cannabis Technology & Innovation

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